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Virtual Dream Foundation

Bringing the outside world to kids who cannot go to it.

Fulfilling dreams that cannot be fulfilled in real life


Virtual Dream Iceland, félagasId.

Kt. 411122-0500 

Bank no. 0133-26-007801

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"Creating, searching, supporting, and developing ideas that use new technologies to restore social, environmental, and health balance,"

Virtual Dream statement goal.

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Hello guys!

My name is Piotr and I am founder of Virtual Dream Foundation. For almost 10 years now I am using VR technology globally to bring outside world to the enclosed places.

I am providing VR experiences to hospitals, children oncology clinics, hospices, child care homes, senior centers.

Main goal is to fulfill specific dreams that cannot be achieved in real life.

I am self-funded. My main support is crowdfunding, so if you will consider joining our Virtual Dreamers family I would be beyond grateful! : )

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