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2 years in Iceland! 90 seconds summary

Góðan daginn Iceland. My name is Piotr and I am running Virtual Dream Foundation,

Bringing the outside world to kids who cannot go to it by the magic of virtual reality.

For the last two years, I'm living and serving here in Iceland. Through cooperation with the Góðvild, we fulfilled unreachable dreams

When Sunna, the Wonder Girl with AHC - the rarest illness in the world; couldn't go swimming

We brought a swimming pool to her and took her on a trip around Iceland

When Ægir, a unique boy with Duchenne syndrome. Wanted to go ziplining, we recorded the whole flight from Höfn to ziplining friends in Vik.

Hjálmar and Ívar dream about driving huge trucks, so we found the biggest glacier truck in the world and we brought this monster to them.

When you couldn't go to volcano, I brought the volcano to you.Driving around Iceland for a whole month, searching for people with disabilities to let them visit the eruption.

We equipped multiple families and schools here, and together with Þroskahjálp,I've created a set of videos to lower anxiety for people with intellectual disabilities,adapting to riding a bus or to spend first day in the Reykjadalur Camp.

So far, I donated 17 pairs of VR in Iceland and over 50 globally, and every new dream I'm producing, it's going to every hospital, school or family. I am one man initiative, supported mainly by donations; with a dream to stabilize our long term cooperation.

I finally just registered an Icelandic Foundation branch and I would really appreciate your help to let me work here for years to come.

So if you can consider recurring donations, even the smallest but stable ones, it would mean a world to me and unreachable world to everybody else that we are working with.

Thank you.




Our bank info:

Virtual Dream Iceland, félagas

Id. No: 411122-0500

Account number: 0133-26-007801


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