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Short summary of first crowdfunded year! [All projects!]

With this year I am trying to start global Patreon profile to work as well - to give opportunity to join and support me to everyone in the world.

Amount of donations mentioned in a video is combined from individuals, companies and polish patreon platform.

I'm sorry I cannot offer you much more than my own work and devotion to making life better for those who really need it.

I will try to communicate as often as possible, but sometimes it is just impossible for me due to time spent on the projects, visits and 360video production.

My next step and dream is to move out from my "room" and move into proper office/studio to increase comfort of work and production and level of independence.

And most important milestone: to secure budget to be sure that I am able to provide VR equipment and fulfill at least one huge dream per 1-2 months.


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