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Bit more about me and my past projects.

Since 2013 I am working with Virtual Reality. Pioneered usage of immersive technology for oncology, neurology, medical, social and humanitarian field.

I was cooperating with United Nations, giving lectures for International Committee of Red Cross in Geneva, working with International High Schools in Switzerland and many other schools to teach young people about VR development with all its’ dark and bright features.

Most recent lectures and training were in MIT Boston, Hong Kong, Washington DC, Israel, China, Germany, and Romania.

My main goal is to equip hospitals with VR hardware, proper VR content, 360 videos, and know-how. To train medical staff, volunteers and coordinate potential cooperation with local sponsors/partners. To create Research and Development center with stable funding, adapt the newest technology, cooperate with scientific facilities and research of best potential usage in the social, medical and humanitarian field.

Despite the potential of VR, I'm also researching mental risks and educating young people about them.

VR impact and risks of addiction, porn, gambling and other behavioral habits. Destructive impact of VR on escapism, alter-ego, anti-social behavior, relationship crisis, sexual crisis and social crisis. Finally Usage of VR for suicide prevention.


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