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Dream of Ziplinign in Iceland! - Ægir's Duchenne story.

Meet Ægir in the words of his mother Hulda: "Ægir is a 9-year-old boy from Höfn in Iceland who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy which is an incurable muscle-wasting disease. Most boys are wheelchair-bound at around 9-12 years and unfortunately, most don´t live to their adulthood. Despite all of this Ægir is the kind of boy that doesn´t let his illness define him and is first and foremost a happy little boy who has many dreams and hopes.”

Ægir's most recent dream, which he was not able to achieve, was to go ziplining. Travel to Vik and enjoy the power of nature, freedom of falling, space, and magnificent beauty of Icelandic valleys and coastal nature.

Due to his progressive disease, he is no longer able to participate in challenging hikes, and most of the wonderful wilderness is simply inaccessible to a wheelchair. So we decided to make his dream come true by taking him on a virtual journey seen with borrowed eyes :)


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